Rock Paper Scissors Collective
A community arts space

On The Rack

Rock Paper Scissors is dedicated to showcasing the best zines the Bay Area has to offer, with a selection of books ranging from comix to essays to fiction. All zines are sold at our POP-up events on consignment.

RPS is looking for new zines to sell! If you’re in the Bay Area and you’ve got a zine burning in the depths of your soul, send an email to for more information. We’re especially looking for zines about politics and music in the East Bay.

Some Notables Include:

  • Oatmeal #7: Moatmeal: Castles and Dragons!, Oatmeal Magazine – LITERARY
  • Small Bikes, Big Trees:two brown folks brave the pacific coast from one hometown Sto another, Jen and Benji – PERSONAL
  • Come And Find Out #11: PARADISE, Various – COMPILATION
  • Come And Find Out #10: HAIR, Various – COMPILATION
  • Never Finish Grad School, Amy Burek – PERSONAL
  • Never Date Dudes from the Internet, Amy Burek – PERSONAL
  • Somos Pocos pero Somos Locos, Daniel Zarazua – MUSIC
  • Demon #9, Jason Shiga – COMIX

Sez Andrew: “Demon is one of my favorite comics out there right now. Shiga has a rounded, cartoony style that lulls into complacency only to spring suicide, murder, and a prison shiv made out of toilet paper and hardened cum on you. Not for children, but recommended for everyone else. Super-smart and wicked dark.”

  • Demon #10, Jason Shiga – COMIX


Sez Caitlin: “Cummins has compiled intimate and poignant photos of commuters on public transportation. Her compositions and subject matter pulls you into the moment, as if you were riding along. No headphones needed for this trip.”

Zine Library

With over 2,500 zines going back over 30 years, Rock Paper Scissors has one of the largest zine collections in the Bay Area. It is currently in safe storage and will resume when we open our new doors in 2018