Rock Paper Scissors Collective
A community arts space

RPSC would not exist without volunteers. In fact, we are entirely run by volunteers. Even the collective members are volunteers. That’s right. How do we do it you ask? With your help.

I want to volunteer at RPSC. What should I do?

email volunteer¬†[at] rpscollective [dot] org and we’ll schedule you for our next event!

Present Volunteer Needs

There are many ways to be involved. These are a few ideas, but if you have a different idea about your involvement please let us know!

  • Flyer¬†around town.
  • Staff RPSC events
  • Recruit teachers and students
  • Help plan a fundraiser
  • Organize an event (like a reading or a workshop)
  • Staff community events
  • Help us grant write

Membership Vs. Volunteering

What’s the difference? Well, for starters, volunteers don’t have to attend every single meeting we have. And volunteers can choose how much they want to help out. Whatever you want (well, almost whatever you want.)

Members are volunteers who have extra responsibilities. They are required to head one committee or be a part of at least two, work a weekly shift in the store, and participate in RPSC events. Volunteers can become members if they volunteer for at least six months, complete a project with the supervision of an existing member, and become active in committees (either heading one or participating in two).