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Special Delivery Art Show with Endless Canvas

SPECIAL DELIVERY is a large scale mural exhibition featuring a number of prolific street artists from the Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area.

Last year Endless Canvas brought the show to the North West where artists were invited to paint a 5,000 square foot warehouse. It is said to have been the largest graffiti event to ever take place in Portland. The event was featured on the news at least five times and was also acknowledged by most the major Street Art Blogs. Just recently, Endless Canvas released a full color published book telling of the previous year’s exhibit.


Endless Canvas is bringing SPECIAL DELIVERY back to home base and stepping up their game by painting an entire 36,000 square foot, three story warehouse! The building they have been invited to paint has been vacant for over a decade and has a long history of presence in the local graffiti art scene. It was recently purchased by a Bay Area based firm with plans to refurbish the building into a permanent office facility. The owner of the company happens to be on the board for the OMCA (Oakland Museum of California) . As an inspired art enthusiast, he noticed some of the graffiti in the building was done by the very same artists whom are currently exhibiting at the OMCA.  Saddened by the destruction of this museum worthy artwork and the cultural history behind it, he asked Endless Canvas to invite the artists back to restore the graffiti in the warehouse.

What has resulted is a three part project. Part one: a professional photographer has documented all of the graffiti pieces in the building. Part two: we will be hosting the SPECIAL DELIVERY Art Show. For this we have invited over 80 of the Bay Area’s most prolific street artists to paint the interior space of the building, to be exhibited for public view in September. The new pieces will be documented thoroughly then later removed for necessary renovation of the warehouse. It will take about a year to refurbish the building. Once this process is complete, a selection of artists will be invited back to install permanent murals on the interior walls of the building. All three stages will be documented and followed by a published book sharing the project as a whole.

All of the participating artists have spent a significant amount of time creating works of public art in the Bay Area. Some have been featured in museums and documentaries and others are home town heroes in the underground art scene.

Ear Peace Records – Live Hip Hop on the 3rd Floor
Miggy Stardust – DJing on the 1st Floor
(Only on the evening of Sept 8th, 2012)

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