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Rock Paper Scissors Collective and People’s Grocery are the launching allies for solidariTEA, a tea company supporting a more just, equitable, sustainable and joyful Bay Area through the profits of their organic, bottled iced teas. For this to happen they need help raising funds for the first production run of tea.

After a year and a half—-and much sweat and love—-we are finally ready to bring solidariTEA to the market! We’re asking for $19,500 to help us fully launch and pay for a truckload of glass bottles ($16,000+—-glass and freight is expensive!) and our beautiful labels ($4,000), so we may bring solidariTEA to a Bay Area natural foods store near you!

IMG_1122-920x520Any additional funds we raise will really help us get off the ground. Extra contributions will be used for: locally warehousing our teas; filling up our gas tanks to make deliveries; and paying for production runs.

If you can’t afford to contribute to our campaign—-or even IF you’ve been able to contribute, and are feeling extra generous—-here are four additional ways to help us out:

  • Email a link to our campaign to another friend/other folks who love tea, live in the Bay Area, and/or are involved in social justice work.

  • Share the campaign on Facebook!

  • Share the campaign on Twitterrrrrrr.

  • Follow us on your social media site of choice, or sign up for our quarterly newsletter, and come say hi when we sell or sample at a store or community event near you 🙂

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