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August Show Open Call: “KINGS”

~ Open Call for Visual Artists! ~

KingsCoverLargeHDFault and Fracture is preparing its sophomore group show at the Rock Paper Scissors Collective in downtown Oakland. The show will be focused around Basquiat’s phrase, “All Young Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off,” and we want visual artists of all ages, mediums, backgrounds, and expertise to lend their own interpretation, and how it might have affected their lives.

We’re asking all artists to submit a minimum of five pieces of artwork that tell their own personal story of “All Young Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off.” We need a lot of artwork, specially work with grit to it—drawn or painted pages torn from a sketch book, the rougher the better! Five is the set minimum, but the more you can submit the better. There is no maximum!

Please email submissions to

All submissions are due July 10th, and will need to be delivered to RPS or to Nick Francis by July 20th.

Thank you!

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