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7/8: Beginning SilkScreen Class

Beginning SilkScreen Class


WHoot!!!!! Come print with US!!!!

*at our awesome new partner site*

Learn the basics in professional silkscreening from burning a screen to printing to recovering the screen. The class will cover one color printing on patches paper and anything else you want to bring along that is flat.

This class runs on a minimum of 6 students and will be cancelled if there are not the minimum enrollment. Pre-registration is required.squeege

  • If you would like to burn your own image for printing during class, please bring a 4″ x 5.5″ transparency in black only (no grey or other colors)-you can make these at any print shop.
  • Bring your own screen if you’d like to take your screen with you.
  • If you need image prep for a one color image please contact by 7/3/15 with an additional charge.

Or you can print RPSC materials to take home with ya.

*NOTE-this class does NOT take place at Rock Paper Scissors Collective.
Class meets at Faultline Artspace near the Fruitvale BART
850 42nd Ave
Enter on 42nd Ave like this map shows you!getthereFaultlineEntrance View of the Gate. A member will be waiting until 5:10EntranceViewFaultlineIf you have tons of issues you can call 510 698 2636 the day of the class.


Taught RPSC members

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2 Comments to “7/8: Beginning SilkScreen Class”

  1. Tonya Winter says:

    Hey, I signed up for this class and thought I’d be contacted to let me know it was happening for sure. (The site says if…) Can I get a refund?

    Thank you,


    • Kristi says:

      Yes we can refund you at the next meeting (Monday). An email was scheduled to go out! Not quite sure it happened then.