Rock Paper Scissors Collective
A community arts space
Help Rock Paper Scissors PACK and MOVE!

The time has come. The Fact’s the Fact. It belongs to us. Let’s Take it Back!

After over a decade in our space and so many community building actions and lessons, we’re moving to a SECRET LOCATION! TBA soon. It’s all very exciting, and sad, and all of those emotions.



  • YOU! people power is so desired from the community!
  • Food to share (or if you want to ask a local biz to donate you can get donations and give them a receipt from us see the link here for donations¬†you will be an official Community Advocate and Ambassador for RPSC)
  • Boxes
  • LOVE
  • Any Paperwork from your workplace that requires Non-Profit Certification for volunteering. Many companies actually will pay either you, RPSC, or BOTH!
  • High Fives
  • Ideas and connections about volunteer power for renovations for our new space.

Contact to confirm or just swing by!

Ta Ta for now….into the cocoon we go for a few months to build another space.



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