Rock Paper Scissors Collective
A community arts space
EBABZ (say it like e-babes) Fest

Get involved in the upcoming East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest! Workshops! Speakers! Dance party!

In 2010, two Bay Area writers/zinesters decided it was time the East Bay had its own indie media celebration modeled on the amazing work people were doing in San Francisco and Portland. Tomas Moniz and MK Chavez organized the first East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair. It was a wonderful experience and a huge success bringing over 50 tablers into Berkeley City College. The following year Brooke Appler created the flyer and helped organize the 2011 event. Again the tables went quickly, with over 60 vendors and artists, and attendance doubled. Now in 2012 Tomas Moniz and the amazing Rock Paper Scissors Collective members Ara, Jamie, Olivia and Crystal are going to create an even larger more wonderful event on December 8th 2012 with the slightly different name East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Festival. Planned are tabling, speakers, workshops and an event proceeds from which will benefit RPSC.

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