Rock Paper Scissors Collective
A community arts space

Rock Paper Scissors would not exist without our donors! They give us money, glue sticks, love and much much more.

Annual Subscriptions

Join the RPSC Community! Purchasing an RPSC subscription entitles you to discounts off of everything we offer, from art to fashion to zines. You can subscribe at the following levels:

  • $50 Fox – 10% off
  • $100 Dog – 20% off
  • $200 Narwhal – 30% off!

Your subscription helps support RPS and our community of artists, designers, writers, and educators.

Subscription Level

Or you can send contributions by mail to:

Rock Paper Scissors Collective
PO Box 71706
Oakland, CA 94612


Our Wishlist

We need this stuff!

  • tables! folding ones!
  • shelving (for storage and retail)
  • a drill

Volunteer Needs

Here’s some stuff we need people to do right now:

  • distribute calendars/fliers
  • clean up the store
  • make rpsc merch to sell in the store/at craft fairs
  • cut up stickers
  • staff events
  • work in the store

Tell Your Friends About Us

You probably know somebody who would be into Rock Paper Scissors Collective, right? So why haven’t you told them about us yet? Give them a calendar or bring them by.

What’s the difference between members and volunteers? Well, for starters, volunteers don’t have to attend every single meeting we have. And volunteers can choose how much they want to help out. You could work in the store once a week, help catalog the zine library once a month, or coordinate a fundraiser. Whatever you want (well, almost whatever you want.)

If you think you’re interested in volunteering check out the volunteer page.

Thank you!