Rock Paper Scissors Collective
A community arts space
About Us

The Rock Paper Scissors Collective is a member based volunteer-run organization that fosters creativity and collaboration in order to strengthen local communities and encourage sustainable practices and alternative models. We promote the sharing of ideas, skills, and resources through the celebration of art, craft, education, and performance.

RPSC currently realizes this through free and low-cost classes, curated and open submission art shows, pop-up retail of independently made clothing/craft/zines/music, pop-up arts lab, community events, and youth involvement.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective formed in 2004 as a group of emerging artists within the Oakland arts community (not only visual arts but music, crafts, film and writing) who saw a need for a place such as RPSC to enable others within the community to teach, sell, exhibit and learn about art. After more than a year of fundraising, moved into our storefront space at 2278 Telegraph Ave., in downtown Oakland. In 2005 Rock Paper Scissors Collective and a handful of sweet friend galleries founded the Oakland Art Murmur and First Friday. In 2016 Rock Paper Scissors moved from it’s iconic storefront. RPSC continues to run programming through partner sites and anticipates opening a new space in 2018.

The original members were Amy Mosley, Emily Cohen, Emma Spertus, Jenna Feldman, Kim Fennel, Lauren Lamotte, Liz Harris, Sydney Silverstein, Tara Goe, and Nana Hayashi.

back row: Emily Cohen, Kim Fennel, Jenna Feldman, Emma Spertusfront row: Sydney Silverstein, Liz Harris, Mark Nicola, Amy Mosely, Lauren Lamotte

Other members to date include:

Mark Nicola, Taylor Neaman-Goudy, JenZoom, Cielle Taffe-Johnson, Emily Hutcheson, MB, Katherin Canton, Chelsea Fadda, Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Ava Anderson, Ara Jo, Teppei Ando, Lydia D’Angelo, Marella Pedersen, Kristi Holohan, Chris Hambrick, Jamie Mayne, Tina Noren Dwight Overton, Leslie Colon, Andrew Seko.

Chelsea Fadda, JenZoom, Devon Kelley-Yurdin, Katherin Canton and Ava Anderson – January 2010

As of 2017 members are Tina Noren, Jamie Mayne, Andrew Seko, Kristi Holohan and Leslie Colon.

We couldn’t do it without our super awesome volunteer base! Super Shout Out to Crystal Moore for volunteering for almost ten years!