Rock Paper Scissors Collective
A community arts space
3/21: Synchronized Chaos Reading & Fundraiser

Authors, Large and Small and Synchronized Chaos Magazine are co-hosting a reception for readers, writers, artists, creatives and anyone else who may be interested. Please bring books to show off and sell, writing to share, friends and guests, or just yourself to enjoy the party!

There’s street parking but please consider mass transit anyway. Save the Earth and enjoy walking a bit in this pretty cool neighborhood!

2278 Telegraph Ave

We’ll provide a tray of free snacks and plenty of interesting conversation. This place has plenty of space, chill management, is quiet so we can hear each other, and offers wifi.

Please come around 6pm if possible so everyone can hear everyone read. If you’re running late please don’t miss the event, please just come when you can, but if possible do come around 6 so we can have a good group there all together at once.

Synchronized Chaos Magazine is a small but growing indie webzine that’s been around since August 2008. We take all genres of submissions and then determine our theme per month based on what we have received. We’ve published all sorts of people, from English professors to the homeless and the incarcerated to high school kids to seniors, from the USA and several other countries. We’re online at



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